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Mancala: An easy and fun game for the whole family! -  Mancala is an ancient family of board games, and there are numerous variants. This is a version of the basic game, known as two-rank Mancala and also known as Kalah.

Learn How to play Mancala by clicking here!



Mbube, Mbube :
Imbube is one of the Zulu words for "lion." "Mbube" is addressing the lion, calling to him. Sort of pronounced like: mboo'-bay. In this game the lion is stalking the impala (a southern African buck).

  • All players form a circle.
  • Two players start the game. One is the lion, one is the impala.
  • Blindfold them both and spin them around. (Children used to just close their eyes, but the temptation to peek is so great!)
  • Players in the circle start by calling the lion, "mbube, mbube!"
  • The closer to the impala the lion gets the faster the chanting becomes. Likewise if the lion is far away the calling decreases, in volume as well as repetition.
  • If the lion has not caught the impala within a minute a new lion is chosen. If the lion catches the impala, a new impala is chosen.


Coloring Sheets:

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African Zebra       African Lion


Map of Africa with Name       Blank Map of Africa










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