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Ways To Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer to help out with WAF’s activities & events, programs, technical support team and planning committees!

Remember WAF volunteer work is often times more fun than work….we staff brewer’s festivals, music festivals, concerts, and on and on….


Activities & Events Volunteers:

WAF is always looking for responsible and energetic people to cover shifts at event booths, set up and take down and even camp at events such as music festivals to staff WAF tents!

Program Volunteers:

If you are interested in actually doing field work in a variety of African locations for WAF arrangements can be made. World Action Foundation can not pay travel expenses as everything we do is all volunteer. But, we will help set up a discounted air fare, lodging and materials.

Technical Support Volunteers:

WAF is always in need of skilled technical support! – If you have IT skills, website design skills, Graphic Design skills, silk screen, are an artist, etc. etc. – We need you!

Planning Committee Volunteers:

World Action Foundation needs dedicated individuals in a variety of professional areas to staff planning committees.

Currently we need people in the health care profession and the bicycle and alternative transportation areas to work on the developing special committees.

Special Committees will plan projects (coordinating with the board of directors), plan fund raising and represent WAF in a variety of ways with the public in order to achieve program objectives.

Special Committee Volunteers will commit to working closely with the board of directors. This may be achieved via remote virtual connects, conference calls, e-mail, etc.  But, a special committee member should also be available for a minimum of one in-person meeting every three months.

The Special Committee member will be a key person in the success of WAF’s projects and will directly help the youth and handicapped in need through their efforts.

There are also many aspects of volunteer work that may qualify as a tax deduction.






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